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Our VIN Analyzer is a decoder that let you read the data that are encoded behind the Vin numbers.

It also connect to a “Government Data Base” and let you read the content available from this public database.

This application is sold as an “In-App” one time fee of US$ 1.99. You get charged (one time) only after our app has verified that it can decode and display the VIN of your car.  

There are 16 digits in a VIN and looks like this:


The meaning of these codes is as follows:

A –
B –
C –
I –
J –
K –
Country of Manufacture
Vehicle Manufacturer
Vehicle Type or Division
Vehicle’s brand, body style, engine size and type, model, series
Security check digit
Model year
Assembly plant
Vehicles serial number
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Our software does require a compatible ODB Bluetooth Adapter to pass the codes to the ChkODB app. The ChkOBD software is compatible with a large selection of OBD adapters already present in the market.

These adapters connect with the OBD port (mechanically and electronically) and be able to connect to our applications via the Bluetooth wireless “standard”.

We have listed Adapters that have been tested with our application on the Adapters page.

Keep in mind that to run the app, you have to have your phone (or tablet) connected to the OBD2 adapter which can be “BLE” (Bluetooth Low Energy) or “Classic” and the type of smartphone you are using.

If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us via the “Contact Us or Support pages.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our products and hope you a very good user experience.

ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
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