Smog Check

ChkOBD Smog Check Assistant  

  • Available for Vehicles  2005 and Newer 

  • Identify Most Common Reasons for a Smog Test Failure

  • Have the Errors Fixed By Your Mechanic Without Adding Unnecessary Repairs

  • Delete Error Codes That Prevent Passing a Smog Test 

The ChkOBD Smog Check application can tell you in advance if your car will pass or fail a smog check. In case of a failure the app can identify the cause of the failure and let you know what repairs are needed before going to the Official Smog Check.

Important point : The ChkOBD application is NOT an Official Check, it is only designed to provide information before committing to an Official Smog Check.   

The app is conveniently available for download at the Apple  iOS (iPhones and iPads versions). The Android version will be available soon. Check back often for updates. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can make sure the app will work with  your vehicle before paying any money. The in-app purchase cost of $4.95 is charged after you’ve verified the app will work with your vehicle and you wish to use it. The license is valid for one month with no limit to the number of cars to be tested with the “In App Purchase”.

We provide the app download for free so you can verify that the App is able to read the required information from your car before committing to the purchase.

We have listed Adapters that have been tested with our application on the Adapters page.

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Things To Know

The vehicle needs to be warm for the catalytic converter to pass the smog test

Error Code Reset requires a “Driving Cycle” usually driving a number of miles in varying conditions More Info >>> 

ChkOBD Smog Pre Test
ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
ChkOBD App Smog Pre Test
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Common Problems that cause a failure include:

If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us via the “Contact Us or Support pages.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our products and hope you a very good user experience.

The ChkOBD team