Before using this app, please read and understand the following warnings:
Don’t App and Drive

  • Your safety is our FIRST and PRIMARY concern for you, so please don’t use any ChkoBD applications while driving.
  • If you run the app from the driver’s seat, park the car in a safe and secure space and only run the app while the car is stationary.
  • If you want real-time data while driving the car, ask a passenger to run the app for you.
  • Running the app safely should effectively test the car and tell you if it will pass or fail a smog check.
  • Before going to an official Smog Check station, make sure the car is fully warmed up and at a normal temperature.
  • The ChkOBD “pre-check” Assistant can be run even when the car is cold because the system is scanning the car’s history.
  • The incomplete test status will disappear after the car is fully warmed up.
  • It is important to understand that when you a “fail” a smog test, in many cases, such as O2 sensors problems, catalytic converter problems, etc., will be recorded in the car’s on-board memory, and could even trigger the “Check Engine” light.
  • If a failure occurs due to “gas tank evaporation,” like a defective gas tank cap or one not properly sealed, fixing it should clear the error without the need to reset the code in the car’s computer.
  • In few cases, you may need to “Delete the Error Code” if the fix remedy does not automatically suppress it. In this case, you must operate the car through a Driving Cycle to reset the automobile’s default computer settings. Driving Cycles often differ between brand, model and year (you should investigate the specific cycle you must to go through for your specific car). Usually, a cycle involves starting up the car, let it run at idle rpm for a prescribed time, running it at low city driving speeds for the directed miles, and then doing another amount of highway driving. Following that, you’ll be ready for a successful test.

Thank you for reading and accepting these terms for using our app.
Please Note: While using the apps, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and have accepted these terms and acknowledge that your acceptance will be recorded in our database with the date, location, and email address.